Sunrise over Angkor Wat

Sunrise at Angkor can be truly amazing, depending on the weather, the crowd and your ability to, you know… wake up at 4am.
What happened that morning was impressive, from the light and its colors, to the shape of the clouds, the reflections in the pounds, and all of it slowly moving, almost like a dance 🙂

This is definitely a must see.

For the sunrise shots and timelapse I took a tripod, the GM1 and extra batteries.
While getting to the famous location with the temple’s reflection, I had to stop for a few pictures.


When I see a pound like this, I can’t help myself, I have to take it 😉
This one was shot at around 10cm from the floor, so that the tree and the temple reflect in the water.

Here comes the timelapse

Settings :

  • Duration : ~30 minutes
  • Interval : 7s
  • Mode : Manual
  • ISO 100
  • ~f/8
  • Speed : from 2s to 1/50s
  • White Balance : Auto

And here are some of the stills from this timelapse, processed individually.


Hint : if you plan to go and watch Angkor’s sunrise, try to buy your ticket the day before. If you buy it after 5pm you can get in and see the sunset for free.

Other thing : when facing the temple, the right side pound was much less crowded. I think if you want the whole reflection thing but fear facing an army of tripods, you should try on that side.


16 thoughts on “Sunrise over Angkor Wat

  1. I did brave the left side inspite of a whole bunch of people and got a spot close to the pond ! And when we visited the temple in broad day light , we took a group picture on the right hand side. Very very beautiful photographs 🙂


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