Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin)

I am always happy to travel alone, because it’s the best way to meet new people, but sometimes I have the occasion to visit friends I’ve made on the road. It’s awesome to see them in a completely different environment !

My good friend Steven was living in Dublin since a few months ago and was about to leave, so I tried to pay him a visit before he moves god knows where 😅

After a failed attempt to go to Hamburg in April due to a missed flight (!), I couldn’t wait to visit Ireland, and one more week in the same place would have driven me nuts 😉

When I say “visit Ireland” I mean only Dublin because a week-end is too tight of a schedule to move around, but it’s a shame really, the rest of the country looks amazing.

Some few unplanned things made this week-end special. First, my good friend Marion and some of her buddies had planed to come to Dublin on the exact same week-end. The other thing was a political event occurring just at the same time : the same-sex marriage referendum. Unexpected often means interesting !

I really new little about the city before going, I hadn’t searched a lot and just wanted to find out while being there. And what better way to do it, than to start on a Friday night with a pint of Guiness and some new friends 😀

While walking around you can get a sense of the typical Irish city, with paved streets and Georgian houses made of red bricks, it feels like they’re coming right out of the industrial revolution. All around the city, doors are painted with bright colors, and bridges along the Liffey river are lit up in green. I used a 4s exposure for this shot, my camera sitting on top of a table tripod on a wall, and timing it to get a minimum distraction from the traffic.

There’s so much Ireland in this picture 👍

On the Saturday the Irish sky granted us with a perfect May weather. Right in time for a good old walk to discover a bit more, Dublin is not too big a city and can be easily visited on foot.

Starting from the river’s banks, we made our way to Christ Church Cathedral and towards Saint Patrick’s park.
Then we made an interesting stop at Dublin’s Castle, where were held the public results of the vote. A large crowd was gathering there in a joyful mood, it wasn’t a surprise for anyone the Yes would win. The whole city was pretty animated this afternoon, I don’t know if was especially due to this event, but it was very pleasing.

After joining my french friends at St Stephen’s Green (a great place to chill when you’re having an intense week-end 🙂 ), we went wandering around a bit more, to eventually find a place and get the night started, Irish style. As the night was falling, the whole temple district was filled by a cheerful crowd celebrating the result of the vote. It was official, Ireland was now the first country in the world to have legalized same-sex wedding by referendum.

Going to several bars and having fun with people on the streets, we ended up in is the Porterhouse bar. I loved this place, especially for the music and the layout. This three stories building has a stage in the middle of its central staircase, you can see it from every floor. The bands switched from Celtic music to rock, and got everyone dancing, it was truly awesome.

I’d advise you to go check this bar if you happen to be in Dublin, here is the location (they have a huge choice of great beers as well)

And finally, for the last stop of my trip : the Temple bar. This is one of the – if not the – most famous bar in Dublin. It’s not really authentic (quite touristy) and a bit crowded. In my opinion it’s worth a visit, because as you can see on this picture, outside of the bar a lot is going on too. Street party is always the best party !

What I liked about Dublin :

  • The celebration : so many people partying on the streets. It kinda makes me wonder how awesome St Paddy’s day in Dublin must be !

What I will do next time :

  • I was eager to see the famous Trinity College’s library, which looks amazing, but it was closed 😦
  • I think now I want to see the rest of Ireland, get out of the city and make a road trip. The whole country looks gorgeous, I really am curious to see that.

A big thank you to my friends Steven, Marion, and to everyone I met during this trip ! It was awesome see you next time in another part of the world 🙂


One thought on “Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin)

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m so glad to have found yours. The photographs are amazing. The shots of Dublin are some of the nicest I’ve ever seen. I grew up not too far from the city and spent a lot of my lunch breaks walking up Grafton Street listening to the buskers and sitting in Stephen’s Green people-watching.


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