A week-end in Lyon

I love travelling abroad so much, that I sometimes forget you can discover amazing things in you own country. It’s awesome that within a couple hundred kilometers you can find such a different atmosphere.

Two buddies of mine with whom I share the love for music, Jeremy and Kosta, offered me to join them for a festival in Lyon. I had never been there before and the event’s line-up looked very appealing, so it’s not really a surprise I accepted to join them. The 3 of us booked at the Counterculture hostel, an intriguing mix between an apartment and a party hostel. If you want to visit Lyon, meet a lot of people while never sleeping, the address is right here :

On my way to the hostel I walked through the city to have a quick overview and take a few pictures. This one is a 30s exposure so that the water is completely smooth. The starburst effect on the green light is due to a narrow aperture (in this case f/16).

After a first busy night, we thought it was good idea to take some height on the Fourvière hill, known as “the hill that prays”. On top of it lies the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière (you can see it in the background up above), from which you have a great panoramic view. The hill is also know for its Ancien Roman theater, and the Metallic tower, some kind of replica of the top of the Eiffel Tower. However what I found the most interesting in this part of the city is the quantity of stairs and narrow streets.

In the afternoon, I then joined my friend Pernette in the district where she grew up : la Croix Rousse. It’s the other hill in Lyon, known as “the hill that works”, and now my favorite neighborhood. The general mood in the city is pretty pleasant, but in la Croix Rousse it is even more noticeable, people from all ages come here and chill, children (young and older) play around. This hill reminds me a bit of Montmartre in Paris but much less touristic. Just like Fourvière, it has tons of stairs and narrow streets, it almost feels like being in an Italian city.

Pay attention if you visit Lyon, sometimes you can find little hidden corridors. If you follow them you’ll end up in the Traboules, the old passageways going under and through the hills’ buildings. They were originally used by the canuts (aka Lyons silk manufacturers) to transport their products, and over 40 of them are still open and free to visit.

One of the Traboules in la Croix Rousse

This sure was a great week-end, walking around in Lyon, and the second night at the festival (called Nuits Sonores, by the way) made it perfect! The event is held in a former in a former covered market (the thing is pretty huge), and the music was CRAZY  😀

What I liked in Lyon :

  • la Croix Rousse
  • The general mood of the city, very pleasant
  • Stairs and stairs, maze-like streets

What I will do next time :

  • la Fête des lumières (Festival of lights) is a very famous event ocuring in Lyon every year. During this Festival the city is lit by thousands of candles, and a whole lot of light displays and shows, looks amazing

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