Week-end in Vienna (Wien)

Just coming back from Budapest, I realized how easy it is to travel in Europe, and I made a decision. From now on, I would try to go to a new destination every month. Whether it’s far or not, only for a week-end or a for month, as soon as I can afford it, I’ll go.

Using the famous technique of “I don’t know where to go, let’s find a cheap plane”, I chose Vienna as my destination for March.

I thought Vienna was a good idea, first because I wanted to see the Danube again, and secondly because I had started German in January and wanted to practice it a bit more. Yeah… I also wanted to see a friend from Budapest, but it didn’t really work out as planed 😅

Couchsurfing being one of the best ways to discover a new place, I asked a few Viennese fellows if one of them could host me. Boyan, a very kind Bulgarian guy, accepted to welcome me into his flat.

Leaving straight from work to a foreign country on Friday night means one thing. You get there just in time to get out and have some fun. In this case it meant ending up in a great party bar with open karaoke and cheap beer all night long 😀
Plus I don’t know why, but Austrian people I met all seemed to looooove french guys

Now, partying is a pleasant part of travelling, but there are plenty of other things to do in Vienna. So, off we are with Boyan on the next morning, for a good old city tour. First stop is Schottentor and the beginning of Ringstraẞe (aka Ring road), along which you can see a lot of the city’s major buildings, like the city hall (Rathaus), Burgtheater or the Austrian Parliament. If you plan to visit Vienna but don’t have much time, I’d advise you to start there, and then to head towards the famous St Stephen Cathedral. At this point, another interesting place you can reach by foot is the Naschmarkt, the biggest (1,5km long) and most famous market in Austria, there you can find food, a flea market, and an all around good atmosphere. This itinerary will lead you to the most beautiful parts of the city.

From there, Boyan and I went to the western part of Vienna, to visit the Schönbrunn Palace, the former imperial summer residence. Its huge gardens, and the Gloriette structure on top the main hill dominate the city and offer good panoramic views.

_ROB0879-150314In those gardens you can also find a big Neptune fountain, Roman ruins, and plenty of sculptures.

afterwards I came back to take a night picture of the City hall. That’s one thing I usually do : visit some places and start to look for a good point of view, and then come back when I feel the light will be interesting. Same as usual, I used a table tripod to set my camera on whatever good surface I could find (i think it was a trash 😅).

On the Sunday, and after another long night of celebration, there was one thing left I wanted to see : the Prater park. It is known for its big Ferris Wheel, built in 1897, and yes… it still runs. I took the time to experiment with my latest camera, a Minolta x700 from 1981. This thing is incredibly fun to shoot with, and I’m very happy with the result !


What I liked about Vienna :

  • Having a walk on the Ring Road all the way to Naschmarkt was definitely a good idea, there’s a lot to see there.
  • Nightlife, for friendly people, cheap beer and good kebab on the way back home !

I leave you with this picture taken on my way back, see you soon  🙂


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