First week in Germany – Bremen

Moin moin everyone !
Now you know how to greet people in northern Germany 🙂

Have you ever been to Germany? Until January I hadn’t set a single foot in France’s neighbor Bundesrepublik Deutschland, in my life. And I even hadn’t planned to do so until a few days before I went.

For the record, my friend Gaëtan lives and works in Bremen, and was back in France for the winter holidays. While he was in Paris for new year’s eve, I decided to join him on his way back and visit Germany. On the 2nd of January I took my week off and on the same evening we jump in an Eurolines bus. For those who don’t know about it, it is a fairly inexpensive way to travel through Europe, but man! it takes a while, and if you think you’ll spend the entire journey sleeping, good luck to you 😀#1030313-1

We reached Bremen around 5am, exhausted by the bus and lack of sleep of the past few days (winter holidays, he?), and had to struggle against a good old freezing wind, but it felt great just to be there. If you’re interested in visiting any region between the Netherlands and Denmark in the winter, just know that the land is flat and therefore the wind is really strong, so brace yourselves !

Bremen is pretty city with typical northern European architecture, with fairly small buildings in residential areas, a lot of red bricks in the Altstadt (= the historical city center) and an old fishers’ district. In several places you can picture the atmosphere of some the Brothers Grimm’s tales, especially the town musician of Bremen (the statue representing a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster on top of each others  -which comes from this story- is one of the town’s symbols). Almost like it’s Christmas everyday.

Everything is pretty easily reachable by foot or by bike, and you feel that along the Weser (the main river crossing the city) there’s a lot going on, even when it’s less than 5°C outside. I really like this kind of lifestyle, people gathering despite the cold.

If you’re looking for an active district, try to spend some time in the Viertel, the alternative district of Bremen. Whether you want to enjoy the cultural mile, find some street art, or see what the Bremer nightlife is about, you can’t be wrong. It is located in this area :

I enjoyed a lot nightlife in this city, I found people to be very friendly and opened to discussion, and they sure are better at English speaking than french people 😎

I spent 4 days in Bremen in total and had plenty of time to walk around taking pictures, but unfortunately winter is winter and most of the time it was very hard to get a good light. That’s why all the pictures you see here were taken on the same morning, when the sunrise was really showcasing the beauty of the city.

What I would recommend to do in Bremen :

  • Go and visit the Altstadt and the Schnoor disctricts, those are the most touristic parts, but are worth to see.
  • Spend some time in the Viertel, see, hear, enjoy.
  • Take a walk along the Weser.
  • Have a Beck’s, the German best selling beer, brewed in Bremen.

I had a total of 10 days to spend in Germany and I felt I wanted to see more than one city through this trip. For a long time I had been eager to go to Berlin, and now I was just too close not to do so. So I took a bus and left Bremen, to spend a few days by myself in the German capital.


See you soon for some more rain, cold, but also more techno 😉


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