5 days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a special city (one of my favorites in Europe), one of those place I always have a good feeling about  🙂

The first time I went there was only for a few hours, so I didn’t really get to know what it was all about. Now was the occasion to go a bit more in an In-depth visit of the city.

10pm, after a 45 minutes flight from Paris (you basically just take off and land right away), and 30 minutes of train, here I am : Centraal Station.

From there you can get anywhere you want in Centrum by foot or by bike. Speaking of bikes, if you’re not used to the Netherlands or northern countries, always watch the bike lanes. They are all around the place there, and you often get almost hit because how fast and silent people are on those.

The thing that struck me the most is how quiet the city is. I don’t know if it’s because I live in Paris right now, but it is really enjoyable. More bikes and less cars would be a way to improve all those noisy cities out there.

Now I’m ready to join my 2 friends – who already spent one night here – and enjoy Amsterdam’s nightlife. Fortunately I’ve got my camera with me and can take a few shots at blue hour.

Don’t get mistaken by my pictures, we still had some bad days like, raining from dawn to dusk. However 🙂 Amsterdam has plenty of good museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, which is perfect for such a weather.

The following pictures were taken in Amsterdam-noord, on the other side of the IJ river. It’s very easy to get there, you can cross for free from the Centraal station to several interesting places.

First we went to the Eye Film Institute, this museum is also a great place I would recommend visiting, or hanging around. The building itself is quite unique as well (the picture below is taken from the Eye Film facing west).

Another great place across the river is around the former NDSM warehouses, a little further up north. What was a ship building company (until 1979), has now turned itself in a lively and cultural neighborhood. The warehouses are now filled with artists’ workshops and young startup companies, and you can see lots of unlikely things all around the area.

I had never visited Berlin at the time but now I can say that this place is like a small Berlin in Amsterdam.

From this trip I learned something great. We did walk a lot, randomly, all around the city, and thanks to that we saw lots of beautiful or interesting things. There’s nothing better, when you discover a new place, than getting lost and then try to find your way back 🙂

I leave you with this two pictures of the best evening we had, lots of fun, beautiful light, chilling all the way.

What I would recommend in Amsterdam :

  • Wander around, discover the city on foot and go to random places.
  • All the city center, by the canals, feels so quiet.
  • The NDSM district, this place is awesome !

What I will do differently next time :

  • Maybe try to book an hostel instead of airBnB, it’s always better to meet new people (or a couchsurfing if I went there alone).

A bientôt Amsterdam !


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